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New Interesting Places in Kelapa Gading - North Jakarta

Below, 2 (two) interesting places (new) in Kelapa Gading - North Jakarta:

1. Mall of Indonesia (MOI)

Mall of Indonesia was located in the complex Kelapa Gading Square, a very complete complex. From Residence, Apartement, Ruko, Rukan to Mall (that on the mall had the house also).

Indeed not yet many tenant that operated to this mall (the writer did not know, the complex has been declared or not yet), but big tenants as Carrefour, Centro and Megaplex Blitz have been busy enough to be visited. In MOI this was available the playing arena for children, like the Komidi Putar and the other game -followed the names in Dufan Ancol- like Pontang-panting, the Gondola, etc..

The difference with the machine in Ancol, in MOI, it size was smaller/mini and not hot if during the day.

2. Jogging Park (Taman Jogging) Kelapa Gading
The lifestyle at this time often was mentioned with the lifestyle sedentary, that is physically more inactive. It was very good in each opportunity was utilized to process physical …

SMS Lebaran / Idul Fitri

Dear my lovely Friends,
Now we has entered the information era. The Greeting cards slowly but surely will change with the electronics letter and SMS (short message service). Examples of the SMS below this was presented for you all of them.

There was the official version (the style of the official) through to the version of the Jakarta teenage slang. All of them clearly same in front of Allah. It was important that our intention sincere sent him.

It is hoped information that was quoted by me from various sources could be useful for all of us. Congratulations Hari Raya Idul Fitri (Eid Mubarak), pleased forgive any bad thoughts and actions, especially if was mistakes said in the compilation of examples of the SMS below this:

Teman-teman pembaca blog yang saya hormati.
Mau tak mau kita sudah memasuki era informasi.

Kartu Ucapan Selamat pada setiap hari raya perlahan tapi pasti akan berganti dengan surat elektronik maupun SMS.

Contoh-contoh SMS di bawah ini dipersembahkan bagi Anda semuanya. Maca…

The 7th Asia Pacific Conference on Anti-Aging Medicine and Regenerative BioTechnology

ASIA ANTI AGING, 10-12 October 2008 at Grand Hyatt Bali

A Celebration of Science, Quality Education, Revolutionary Health & Medical Care, Better Quality of Live!The Most Prestigious Conference on Anti-Aging Medicine & Regenerative Biotechnology at Asia Pacific!Connecting Science to Clinical Practice | Delivered by the High Calibre Panel of Expert! | Join us in Bali!

The purpose of this scientific meeting is update the medical profession about the development of medical technology in the medical field anti-aging and re-generative medicine. Put forward the current topics and the speakers have a caliber the world. Very beneficial for the doctor from multi-discipline/the multi-specialist to get update about the latest development in the medical world how the scientific discovery and medical technology could intervene in the process of aging, so as although the age continued to improve chronologically, but biologically the function of the organ and the system in the body stayed optim…

Kartu Kredit iuran tahun pertama yang tidak gratis

Be careful if accepting credit card bargaining with "the first year subscription free". When attending the launching of the site of the health/medical in one of the hospitals in Southern Jakarta, I was offered the Credit Card from one of the banks. Because felt did not need the addition of the credit card again, softly I refused this bargaining.

Hati-hati jika menerima penawaran kartu kredit dengan embel-embel "iuran tahun pertama gratis". Saat menghadiri acara peluncuran situs kesehatan / kedokteran di salah satu rumah sakit di Jakarta Selatan, saya ditawari Kartu Kredit dari salah satu Bank. Karena merasa tidak memerlukan tambahan kartu kredit lagi, dengan halus saya menolak penawaran tersebut.

Namun tidak disangka saat mau pulang, saya dikenalkan dengan salah satu pejabat dari Bank tersebut. Karena ditawarin oleh sang pejabat tersebut, maka sebagai rasa hormat saya, saya iyakan saja. Toch gratis ini. Besok-besok kalau ada apa-apa khan mudah, cukup menghubungi sang…

The success story of little frog

In a kingdom of the frog, King held the climbing race tower that the height 100 m. The race gift was not half-hearted, his child personally, the Daughter of the Kingdom. The king hoped for only strongest frogs that won, since his tower the height asked for the pardon (for the frog certainly). Handed over the management of the kingdom in strong, certainly was the best matter.

During that was waited for then arrived. There were hundreds of frogs that has registered and want to fought proposed to the Daughter of the Kingdom, including one of the emaciated frogs. Saw the frog that was different from other solid participants was muscular, there was not any that championed him.
The race was then begun. The queen of the king (the wife of the king of the frog that geblek that) fired his pistol to air.

Brrrrrrrr, frogs then jumped up and down fought tried led. The spectator's cheering (the frog all certainly) all the time. Only did not give the spirit, the cheer dropped bounced the opponent…