Disney Live! - Three Classic Fairy Tales

Prepare to be enchanted! Join Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy and Donald Duck for an amazing fantasy advanture in Disney Live! Three Classic Fairy Tales. See Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Cinderella and Beauty and the Best infold before your eyes. You'll help bring the stories to life as you laugh, clap and sing along with Mickey and his friends. Dream with the princesses and cheer for the heroes as the conquer evil villains. Beautiful music, spectacular sets, customes and special effects capture the adventure, humor and romance in a show so enchanting it could only come from Disney Live! Let it touch heart with magic today.

Bagi adik-adik yang berkesempatan. Silakan saksikan Disney Live! di Istora Senayan Jakarta.
It's a World of Enchantment waiting for you.
October 3rd - 12nd, 2008.
Ticket Hotline: 021-7229535, 021-32000999

- Sentra Enterprise,

Supported by:
- Milestone Pacific Group
- Perumahan 6600 Sawangan - Depok (021-77880894)

Promotion by:
  • Carrefour (discount ticket up to 15% in Ambasador, Cempaka Mas, Lebak Bulus, Pluit Mega Mall, Puri Indah)
  • Web Dokter Indonesia, http://www.dokter.web.id

For further information, please click: http://www.disneylive-asia.com

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HAPPY HANDAYANI mengatakan...

wah lumayan juga tuh dok beli tiket di carefour dapat diskon 15%...

Anonim mengatakan...

Wah sayangnya saya di Semarang ya.. kapan2 mau minta dibayarin sama dr Erik aja ya.. hehehe..

Salam buat dr Happy Tapan di Jkt ya...

Anonim mengatakan...

Halo Happy dan Andi,
Trims sudah singgah dan beri komentar di blog saya.
Saya kenal-kenalin saja dech.
Happy ini dr Andi, teman adik saya.
Dr Andi, ini Happy teman saya.
Silakan dilanjutkan..:-)