Jumat, Oktober 30, 2009

Kalgen, a sophisticated genomics laboratory in Indonesia

Kalgen's map just lying on my desk (fortunately not the time for 5S' inspection).That currently operates a sophisticated laboratory in Jakarta, had I know, but what exactly are examined in the laboratory until the time is still vague. There is a relationship with cancer or something so.

Until yesterday, Mr. Ferry came visit me. "Kalgen now have sophisticated laboratory tests!", Said Mr Ferry. "Yeah, I know. But what's so sophisticated?", I asked getting interested.

My conversations and Mr. Ferry then continues. The new I know (which makes me want to share this info to all my friends), that the checks are among the first in Indonesia, even probably in Asia. How come? Still according to Mr. Ferry, there were the doctors / hospitals / clinics from abroad who expressed a desire to check specimens on Kalgen, while knowing that the genomic inspection service has been made possible.

Senin, Oktober 26, 2009

Ovi Contacts in E-90 successfully installed

As I predicted, eventually instant messaging original from Nokia also present. Before that, we had to use Instant Messaging from other party, such as yahoo messenger, for example. But this time has come Ovi Contact, which is a software that allows you to real time chat with fellow owners Ovi account.

Unlike new models of Nokia mobile-phone, my Nokia E90, I could not operate the IM feature as soon as possible in my Nokia E90. Once we click on Ovi address (from mobile phone, http://contacts.ovi.com/dist/app), it will open the page with instructions like this:

Sabtu, Oktober 24, 2009

Alternatif pendidikan dokter fresh graduate, Anti Aging Medicine

tidak mau, sebagian besar dokter saat 'fresh graduate' (bisa dikatakan demikian) akan berusaha untuk mencari ilmu tambahan. Sayangnya tidak semua dokter baru lulus ataupun yang telah selesai menempuh masa kerja bakti di daerah bisa beruntung memperoleh kesempatan menempuh pendidikan spesialis. Meskipun pemerintah selalu mengatakan bahwa kebutuhan dokter spesialis masih banyak di Indonesia, namun sehubungan dengan tempat mencetak spesialis masih relatif kurang, jadilah produksinya tidak bisa mengejar.

Oleh karenanya mempelajari anti aging medicine merupakan bidang yang menarik minat "dokter-dokter muda". Apalagi proses belajarnya sangatlah flexible dan bisa dipelajari oleh siapa saja.

"Banyak dokter mempunyai kesungguhan untuk mempelajari Anti-Aging Medicine (AAM) sebagai kurikulum menyeluruh secara akademis. Mereka ingin menjadi profesional sejati, tidak hanya mempelajari sebagai salah satu pelajaran kejuruan (vocational). Di sisi yang lain, sayangnya, banyak dokter yang tidak memahami konsep-konsep ilmiah dari Anti-Aging Medicene. Mereka belum mengerti bahwa sebagai bagian dari ilmu kedokteran, preparat-preparat dalam Anti-Aging Medicine juga harus bisa dibuktikan secara evidence based standar ilmu kedokteran". Demikian dipaparkan oleh Prof Wimpie Pangkahila, saat membuka The 8th Asia Pacific Conference & EXPO on Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine di Hotel Borobudur Jakarta, 22 - 24 Oktober 2009.

(dalam foto dari kiri ke kanan, tampak Prof Robert Goldman, Prof Wimpie Pangkahila dan saya)

Acara yang diselenggarakan bersama dengan The 5th A4M Indonesia Conference on Anti-Aging & Regenerative Biotechnology menghadirkan pakar-pakar Anti Aging dunia, regional dan lokal seperti: Robert Goldman (Chairman of the Board, The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine / A4M), Michael Klentze (Secretary General European Society of Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine / ESAAM), Claus Muss, Xanya Sofra-Weiss, Anjan Kumar Das, Koosnady Saputra, Tanjung Subrata, Abraham Arimuko, Agus Budi Santoso dan Ferry Sandra.

Pesan saya, jika para dokter tertarik mempelajari Anti Aging Medicine, telitilah terlebih dahulu materi/kurikulum yang diajarkan dan selidikilah asal-usul pendidikan tersebut.

Semoga berhasil.

Selasa, Oktober 13, 2009

Mini dialysis who still need to be reduced in size

The research team led by David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA has successfully developed "Wearable Artificial Kidney" who can work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Mini dialysis who weighs 4.5 kg is used as a belt. The energy this machine is fed from the 9-volt battery. Of course during dialysis patients may be normal activity, walking, sleeping, eating, etc.. More recent discoveries are expected from this instrument, so that the smaller the size, so that increasingly smaller in size.

Rabu, Oktober 07, 2009

Kalbe Farma Customer Day, October 7th, 2009

Who are your customers? How you behave towards your customers? Two questions that inspired Kalbe Farma to implement Customer Day. The event is a unique concept which has huge benefits both for customers and managers involved in it. In connection with the anniversary and 64th Republic Indonesia (RI) and 43th Kalbe, then on this day, October 7, 2009, some managers (and directors) Kalbe Farma visiting hospitals and dispensaries. Uniquely, the participants not only come from the marketing department but also from other department such as medical, financial, IT and even from the factory. They mingle to form a team consisting of 4 - 5 persons. Arriving at the healthcare institutions that have been determined, the team met with the leaders and hospital staff. Many entries are obtained by the team which will be discussed together in order to make services better. For non-marketing manager, this could be an interesting experience where they can find out what exactly has been done by their own marketing company. Expected to happen in the future, alignment for all parties.

Transplantasi Ginjal BUKAN solusi jeleknya kondisi pasien

Ada keluarga pasien yang mungkin karena sudah frustasi mengurus pasien cuci darah yang sudah komplikasi paru, jantung, lalu memikirkan, alan...