Selasa, November 03, 2009

Workshop on Hypnotherapy and Hypnoslimming

Hypnosis / hypnotherapy is an old knowledge, but now is being revived with new technics and new modalities. Many studies have shown that hypnotherapy has a lot of potentials. And these potentials are applicable to be used in modern medical practice.

Hypnotherapy has been used with great success in many occassion, e.g: behaviour modification, weight reduction and obesity treatment (hypno-slimming), stop smoking, management of pain, prevention of drug abuse, and many others.

Tanda penumpukan kalsium pasien hemodialisis. Penting dibaca pasien Cuci Darah!!

Salah satu yang harus diwaspadai pasien hemodialisis atau cuci darah adalah penumpukan kalsium di pembuluh darah tubuh termasuk di pembuluh...