Selasa, November 03, 2009

Workshop on Hypnotherapy and Hypnoslimming

Hypnosis / hypnotherapy is an old knowledge, but now is being revived with new technics and new modalities. Many studies have shown that hypnotherapy has a lot of potentials. And these potentials are applicable to be used in modern medical practice.

Hypnotherapy has been used with great success in many occassion, e.g: behaviour modification, weight reduction and obesity treatment (hypno-slimming), stop smoking, management of pain, prevention of drug abuse, and many others.

There have been many trainings / courses in hypnosis and hypnotherapy conducted in Indonesia. A great many of them however, did not give satisfactory results. At the end of their trainings, most of the participants were still unable to use their new aquired knowledge and skill in their clinical practices.

PERKAPI and PDGKI are aware of this problem and therefore plan to conduct a special ”Workshop on Hypnotherapy and Hypnoslimming” with the emphasis much more in training in technical skill. This means that at the end of the ”two days workshop”, all participants have to be able to master their new aquired technical skill, and can easily apply this new skill in their own medical practices and / or clinics.

Venue :
Department of Nutrition, Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia
Jl. Salemba 4, Jakarta Pusat
Target : 30 participants
Training Fee : Rp 1,500,000.-
SKP IDI Included!!

PERKAPI Secretariat, Menara Kuningan 2nd floor,
Jl Rasuna Said Kav 5 , Jakarta 12940
Phone: 021-32825659
Bank BCA
a/n : Waluyo S Soerjodibroto Dr
Acc No : 092-300-002-7

Workshop on Hypnotherapy and Hypnoslimming (physicians only), Dec. 5-6th. 2009.

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