Kamis, Desember 31, 2009

Aktifitas Erik Tapan di tahun 2009

Sabtu, Desember 26, 2009

Vacation to Bandung with sx-4

Still in the Christmas holiday, we the whole family, had an opportunity to visit Bandung city. Besides visited other family, travel to Bandung, actually I wanna try, how the consumption of SX-4 gasoline. So far the car is never far way. Within a year, the amount of KM is about 5,000 Km. The gasoline consumption figures indicated an average of about 8.6 L per 1km. I use of gasoline PREMIUM (standard). The experience of my friend in SXCI mailinglist, told if the SX-4 using a higher gasoline (PERTAMAX for example), he said there was no benefit.

Masih dalam rangka liburan Natal kemarin, kami sekeluarga berkesempatan mengunjungi kota Bandung. Selain menemui keluarga, acara jalan-jalan di Bandung saya gunakan untuk menjajal sebenarnya berapa konsumsi bensin SX-4 kami. Selama ini mobil tersebut tidak pernah jalan jauh. Sudah setahun, jumlah KM yang ditempuh dari 5.000 saja. Dari angka konsumsi bensin rata-rata tertera sekitar 8,6 L per 1km. Bensin yang digunakan tentu PREMIUM (standard). Pengalaman teman-teman di milis SXCI, jika SX-4 menggunakan bensin yang lebih tinggi PERTAMAX, katanya tidak ada manfaat.

Sabtu, Desember 19, 2009

New things in Erik Tapan's Blog

Today, I have some important announcements, there are some major changes in this Blog.
From now on, you can access this blog through its new URL, http://www.eriktapan.com.

Thanks to Uncle Google. HHXE8FVVBGQH

And the last announcement, there is a new Label in my blog, A Store / Toko.
Is inevitable that among the readers there who are interested in something (products or services) that have written here. We will try to serve the best to your needs.

Many thanks to you an apologize if there are still many shortcomings.

Jakarta, 19 December 2009

Erik Tapan

Jumat, Desember 18, 2009

Beware decreasing Quality of Life

Not always current modern life can make people's lives. Behind the growing day comfort increasingly felt, was to save various potential "danger" in the future.

To alert the state, bimonthly magazine, Mind Body & Soul, published "Beware decreasing of QUALITY OF LIFE" articles.

Apart from the main article, also show interesting topics such as:

Rabu, Desember 16, 2009

The winner of Technoprenuer Award 2009 is PT Sarimas Ahmadi Pratam

In 2009, this year, the prize for the best technology business in Indonesia, have entered Teknopreneur Award second year. The event is held every year is a result of cooperation between the Association of ITB Alumny, Teknopreneur Magazine and Tekno Ventura (started this year). Appeared as champion, after setting aside the 58 proposals is PT Sarimas Ahmadi Pratama. Indonesia Coordinating Minister for Economics, Hataradjasa and Minister of Communication and Information, Tifatul Sembiring also attend this night conferment, December 16th 2009. Congratulations to the winners, waiting for the works of other peoples children in the field of technology.

Transplantasi Ginjal BUKAN solusi jeleknya kondisi pasien

Ada keluarga pasien yang mungkin karena sudah frustasi mengurus pasien cuci darah yang sudah komplikasi paru, jantung, lalu memikirkan, alan...