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Lexus L66 hybrid mobilephone with dual camera

Shown with the QWERTY style, the first style that I know with the Palm Treo 650, Lexus L66 can satisfy users who want a hybrid mobilephone (GSM & CDMA/GSM). Especially, this gadget is added dual QVGA cameras: one in back and other in front, for video conferencing.

Starting from the desire to reduce the number of mobile phones should be brought at any time, Saturday, August 14th, we hunted gadgets that can meet those needs at ITC Cempaka Mas (Cemas). Each time, we asked the sellers, the various brands offered to us, such as: Nexian, HT, Ivio and Ti-Phone and Cross-X. All of the mobilephone manufactured by China.

Unfortunately there are no International branded mobile phone which was launched this type (Nokia, Sony Ericson, Samsung, etc). But there are also advantages, because we are forced to use the mobilephone from China manufactures. After considerable discussion exclaimed, finally remaining two candidates namely, Cross-X and Lexus. Frankly, both still foreign brands.

When cons…